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A great height construction in Dijon (continued)

Progress of the construction site for the Caisse d'Épargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté Headquarters -  Great height wood construction R + 6
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Gymnasium with structure BLC and Sapisol®

PAVELLO ESPORTIU : The BRITISH COLLEGE in Andorra will soon be able to welcome young and old alike to its new gymnasium. While respecting the architecture requested, we were able to highlight our products once again: • Trusses pre-assembled with the Résix® system => invisible assembly • Sapisol® roofing to support slate roofing • The Sapisol® facade with a paint finish The advantages of Sapisol take on their full meaning: light, insulating, portable, finished product = saving in implementation time.
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A great height construction in Dijon

In Dijon, the construction of the Headquarters of the Caisse d'Epargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté has already started well ... R + 6 tall wood construction (Structure BLC + CLT + Résix® assembly) More photos to come ...
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We are in Andorra in the magnificent valley of Inclès where we have just completed this pedestrian bridge of 30 meters allowing to connect the two sides of the mountain for the happiness of the walkers. Here we used our Résix® assembly system to create 2 invisible and aesthetic transport joints. Try to find them !! ☺
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Paradise is here !

Located in French Polynesia, this private island has several villas (with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, games room, lounge bar, gym and spa ...) in LC spruce and pine, Sapisol® roof, Sapiliège® roof and floor , as well as a magnificent gazebo in LC Pin to admire this heavenly view.
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The Carmelha Villa

The construction of the Carmelha villa in Monaco was won by the EMC / SIMONIN group, with our partner UPBRELLA for their innovative lifting system without crane and outside weathering. A high-rise wooden construction R + 8 which will soon see the light of day! To be continued ....
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Collart Bridge

Manufacturing of an autoclaved pine glued laminated walkway. This 11 m long by 3.60 m wide gangway was designed not only for winter sport activities but also for the passage of snow groomers up to 5 tonnes !! Glued laminated timber offers advantages in its mechanical properties but also in logistics when it is difficult to access construction sites.
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Continuation of the construction of the wooden frame house in Andorra

At 1800 m, this house designed with SIMONIN materials spent the winter without incident. Now the interior finishes are at work, the old wood finish of the Sapisol of the Sapisol profile boards and Wood slab go perfectly with the laminated structure glued in spruce leaving a warm mountain atmosphere.
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A beautiful framework for a restaurant in Spain

Do you remember? In December 2018 we were being assembled in Spain. Now you can enjoy this magnificent restaurant under a light framework !! Come to Restaurante Leitariegos to taste their specialties.
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Individual house in Switzerland

- Wood joists on a metal base. The mixture of wood and metal brings aesthetics but it also allows for greater height under the ceiling. - Roof box for greater sound insulation, in order to avoid railway nuisances.
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