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The CEBFC site continues to advance …

The Caisse d'Epargne takes height!
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Pergola in iroko

Supply of LC iroko beams for a pergola in Nice. Carpenter: XYLEO
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A refuge completely autonomous in energy

We are thrilled to hear that one of our projects in Andorra won the ENERGY GLOBE AWARD 2020. Completely autonomous in energy, the Illa refuge meets the current environmental criteria through its structure, components and manufacturing. Made in 2016 and located at 2488 m above sea level, this site is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Our solution has been chosen to minimize the environmental impact : • Pre-assembly of laminated wood elements glued with our Resix® assembly system for speed of execution and better protection to fire requirements (fire resistance) • Sapisol® envelope (roof, facade and floor) for an important thermal requirement and speed of execution (light materials => limit the number of helicopter rotation) We invite you to discover this refuge on the ILLA REFUGI website.
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Lot of timber frame houses in Andorra

Preparation of a new construction project for a batch of timber frame houses in Andorra which will be delivered both wet and dry. Most of the wood materials in these houses are manufactured and pre-assembled in our workshops for a high quality finish and for speed of execution : • Glued laminated timber frame profiles • Funlam® cladding and accessories • Frames of openings (registered model), waterproof and airtight. • Frame and joist in glued laminated timber • Slab-wood floor • Sapisol® roofing • Interior finishing boards type Sapisol®
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Construction of a NLP roof in Andorra

To meet our client's requirements for this project in Andorra, we have chosen to use our materials: • Glued laminated frame with Résix® mesh firm to free up the interior space. • NLP - Nelipan® panels for significant thermal and airproofing performance. The prefabrication of roofing elements allowed our partner CONCEPT CASA to make this roof in only 4 days!!
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Glued laminated oak pergola

Structure of an oak glued laminated pergola (6.33 m3) Solid oak decking outside the lot above the rafters. Finish: an anti-tannin layer and two coats of colorless stain. Traditional assembly using a mortise tenon and invisible fittings for the purlins.
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Water tower in Derenbach

Supply of LC Douglas curved trusses for a water tower in Derenbach. (LUXEMBOURG) Carpenter : GOEBEL
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A great height construction in Dijon (continued)

Progress of the construction site for the Caisse d'Épargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté Headquarters -  Great height wood construction R + 6
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Gymnasium with structure BLC and Sapisol®

PAVELLO ESPORTIU : The BRITISH COLLEGE in Andorra will soon be able to welcome young and old alike to its new gymnasium. While respecting the architecture requested, we were able to highlight our products once again: • Trusses pre-assembled with the Résix® system => invisible assembly • Sapisol® roofing to support slate roofing • The Sapisol® facade with a paint finish The advantages of Sapisol take on their full meaning: light, insulating, portable, finished product = saving in implementation time.
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A great height construction in Dijon

In Dijon, the construction of the Headquarters of the Caisse d'Epargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté has already started well ... R + 6 tall wood construction (Structure BLC + CLT + Résix® assembly) More photos to come ...
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