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Resix: The aesthetic and performing connection system

Based on our 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of wood components used in construction, the Resix® system is an engineered, concealed and incredibly strong connection.

Thanks to the Resix® technology, Simonin brings a new vision to wood construction.

Presentation of the Resix® system

The Resix® connection combines 3 elements : high quality glulam (CE marked), high tensile steel threaded rods and high-performance epoxy resin. Simonin’s technology gives benefits in every kind of project (private, public, industrial…), for any form and for any kind of structure. A full range of testing has been carried out for its application: unitary pulling tests, large scale pulling tests, moment resistant connection tests, fire tests, dynamic tests in different laboratories (FCBA, CSTB, ENSTIB, CRITTBOIS). All the proof of performance has enabled us to obtain the certificate Avis Technique (French technical approval) describing the characteristics of this glued-in rods system:

  • Strength in tension and compression more than 100 Tons
  • Controlled behavior for fire resistant connections
  • Good behavior after dynamic stress (earthquake)
  • Longevity of the resin

Our technical department is available to design and optimize your projects with the benefits of Resix® system.


Advantages of Resix® connection system

A greater architectural freedom: allowing innovation and design of new structures

A more visual appeal in regards to rendering with trimmed connections

  • Concealed connections with no visible bolts
  • Aesthetic steel parts

Excellent stiffness of the connections

  • Equal distribution of the stress in the connection
  • Exceptional mechanical strength

Better sustainability of structures

  • Controlled fire resistance
  • Improvement of the lifespan of the structure (no slot and drilling)
  • Resin durability confirmed by aging tests

Modularity in the connections with different materials

  • Timber/Timber
  • Timber/Steel
  • Timber/Concrete

Calculated rigidity of connections allowing for more visual design, reducing limitations in projects

The cost-effectiveness

  • Split of the long beams with moment-resistant connections
  • Giving flexibility for transport

Optimisation of efficient construction : Reduction in the volume of timber

The Résix® system, or “wood welding”, is a connection system, discreet and performing which associate three element:

The modularity of the Résix® is visible with three types of assembly which all answer to particular needs

Uses of Resix® connections

New constructions


Timber restoration projects

The Resix® system can also be used for restoration of existing older structures. Epoxy resin has great bonding properties to all porous materials and has proven longevity in the field of old building restoration.

Timber structure reinforcement

The Resix® system is also used for beam reinforcements in case of strength issues or damage.
In cases where a problem such as significant cracks has appeared that can impair the structural performance and function.

Example of reinforcement:

  • Timber portal frames with cracks in the bolted haunch
  • Curved tapered beams with cracks in the apex due to tension perpendicular to grain
  • Notched beams with cracks

The analysis of the cracks will govern the position of the glued-in rods according to the forces and the limitations of the site.

Achieved projects

Included in many types of construction (industrial, public, sports, special projects, housings …), the Résix® system has demonstrated its performances and reliability.

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