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Back to the athletes’ village !

Objectives achieved thanks to wood construction :

– Management of studies with 3D model coordinated in a BIM approach between the different trades.

This allowed good on-site construction and anticipation of common problems in conventional construction.

– Time spent :

• 6 months lifting for standard floors (23 weeks)

• 7 weeks of lifting for the gym

• Total from mid-June to mid-March (8 months)

• Compliance with the delivery schedule

– Good waste management :

• Less than 10% of the project’s total waste comes from the wood batch, which is valued at 89% in terms of material and 11% in energy.

• No production of hazardous waste

– Finished main structural work :

• Delivery of 100% of the BLC structure with finishing and protection for the entire construction phase until delivery

– The quality of the wooden structural works finished with a minimum of rework made it possible to meet the construction schedule deadlines.

Project management : Nexity, Eiffage Immobilier, CDC Habitat

Moex : CALQ

Architect : Dream

Company : Eiffage Construction

Design office : setec

Assembly on site : Bertrand Construction Bois

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