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Sapisin: The self-standing panel, simple to install

The complete solution for your floors, ceilings and partitions.

Simonin’s 35 years of knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of timber components for construction offers Sapisin® a sandwich panel.  Sapisin® is a complete solution for your floors, ceilings and partition walls. Available with a wide range of finishes Sapisin® ceiling boards when installed gives a high class finished solution to your floors, ceilings and partitions.


Made of two timber faces and a core in moisture resistant MDF (medium density fiberboard), Sapisin® panels are suitable as wide span floors with character and decorative ceilings.

Sapisin®  is well suited to partition walls with its in built strength and the benefit of high thermal performance. Their design allows them to adapt to many styles of interior fittings: old, contemporary, modern …

Whether you’re building in a traditional or low energy way, Sapisin® panels are environmentally friendly products being constructed in from sustainable materials.

The advantages of Sapisin® insulation panels

More cost effective than a traditional timber build, Sapisin® allows you to lighten your joists and beams.

Ideal for mezzanines, its design allows you to obtain a floor and a ceiling in one operation, with 2 sanded sides out of high quality timber.

Sapisin ceiling panels reduce airborne noise by 34 dB.

Species and finishes

Sapisin® panels offer selected timber, a wide range of finishes and colours. Available with spruce, oak or ash surface.

The species

for floors and ceilings

The aspects

On ceilings (only spruce)

The finishes

On sanded or brushed wood finishes for ceilings


Technical datasheet

We offer standard ceiling panels with a length of 3.9 m and a useful width of 160 mm.

Les dimensions du Sapisin

Standard profile

Profil standard Sapisin

Grooved profile for electrical installation

Profil gaines électriques Sapisin

Between centers A 1.80 m 1.50 m
Admissible loads on 3 support elements 280 Kg/m² 350 Kg/m²

High-quality parquet and ceiling, Sapisin® is end matched, has tongues and grooves on all four sides, a simple interlocking of each panel and the assurance of a perfect joint. Screw fixing avoids gluing between panels.

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