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Roof insulation NLP-Nelipan®

Simonin has over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of timber components for construction. NLP insulating sandwich panel provides you with an efficient and long term insulation solution for your build.

It works both as an insulation board and as support for roofing; NLP can be used with all types and shapes of roofs ensuring a perfect thermal insulation without thermal bridge.


The NLP (New Large Panel) is a large insulated panel ready for covering. Indeed, all layers — from the under face to support of covering — are realised with a unique operation on site.

Easy and quick to use, due to its large dimensions, it allows to cover a building in a short time, and it keeps safe the construction team.

The NLP adapts to every roof project, because it is custom made (all type of integration and cutting are possible at the factory : windows, ventilation passage…). Its composition and its design made it really thermally performing, watertight and airtight.

Advantages of the NLP insulated panel

The structural performances of the NLP allow using it on long span (over 6m between supports). Consequently, it saves money in terms of wooden structures. Moreover, the saved volume generates an increase of living space.

When installed with a wood fibre under layer, it meets acoustic insulation regulations.

Excellent thermal performance

The NLP meets RT2020 (Minergie, PassivHaus,…) expectations. In fact, it has:

– a thermal resistance over 9 m².K/W
– no thermal bridge at all point of the panel and at their periphery of them
– air tight (and watertight) integrated and immediately done at the setting up

The NLP keeps the same level of performance over time.

Bespoke production

We can machine details and supply cut to length in our factory workshop for ease of installation, as well as reducing waste on site.

Easy and quick to install

In one signle operation : timber ceiling and upper layer, insulation, airtight, watertight, counter battens, and battens. Mastered planning !

Assured safety lifters

Safety equipment fixed on the panels before lifting (lifeline, railing support,…). Internal and external faces finished in the workshop, no inside seals to install, no roof overhang to paint. No work at height after installation !

No waste on site

NLP is delivered by covered trucks, without packaging (without plastic). Moreover, all the milling is done at the workshop, there is no cutting on site. The site remains clean, without waste !

A timber soffit

With NLP, in one step you get: high-performance insulation, a wooden ceiling and completely finished roof overhangs, and a reliable and tough roofing support.

Wide spans

The huge benefit of Sapisol is that it can span distance (up to 6.00 m between supports) reducing the need for additional structure, saving build costs as well as freeing up volumes and creating additional living space.

A sound and sustainable product

NLP is adaptable and suitable for all environments, sensitive and extremely sensitive, at all altitudes and latitudes.

For new or refurbishment

New or renovation: with the ceiling insulation board NLP, the options for roofs are limitless (straight roof, low slope roof, slightly veiled, installation on metal framing) without compromise for thermal insulation of your home.

NLP is a product not only intended for new constructions, its design allows it to adapt to all types of renovation such as the insulation of existing roof spaces.

It’s speed of installation and it’s immediate watertightness greatly reduce exposure to weather of inhabitable areas. The risks of degradation are limited !

Lightweight and easily transportable, it meets the needs of the most exciting projects and those in the most remote regions of the globe.

Species and finishes

The species

The aspects

The finishes

on sanded

Technical information

For R=9,3 m².K/W (Product reference : N 9.3)

41 Kg/m² (with 27 mm battens)
(Reference product : N 9.3)

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