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The universal exhibition in Milan

Simonin is highly skilled in the design and manufacture of glued laminated timber structures and the making of wooden components for construction. One of our proudest moments was the wooden structure for the French Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition of Milan in 2015

The project

Imagined by X-TU agency in Paris, the French Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition of Milan, measured 35 m x 55 m x 12 m. The structure was entirely made by SIMONIN in our workshops in MONTLEBON, with wood sourced locally in Franche-Comté region.

The brief:

Expo milano 2015

Résix solution, technology mastered by SIMONIN

French pavillon - technical drawThe implementation of products manufactured by SIMONIN

  • spruce glued laminated timber
  • larch glued laminated timber
  • Resix connections
  • Dalfeu fireproof timber slabs

The advantages of structural connections

Connections made with epoxy resin glued in rods allowed :

  • reducing the cost of logistics
  • simplicity and speed of erection on site
  • concealed connections
  • tight joint assembly

Our design evenly distributed the stress over the entire length of the connection at the same time, Gining great strength and stability.

During the set-up, more than 2000 curved and straight parts, a total volume of 1500 m3 of glued laminated timber, could be assembled in a very short time.

Résix, the best response to specific constraints!

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