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General information

Since 1967, Simonin has specialised in the design and manufacture of glued laminated timber structures and the manufacture of wooden components for construction. Our experience allows us constantly innovate and to develop new solutions for the most complex projects. One of our achievements is the concealed connection system Résix® which was utilised in the structure of the French pavilion at the Milan Universal Exhibition. Our knowledge timber design and construction is the very best

Our range of wood components consists of:

Company skills

Our specialty is exceptional, unique and innovative structures. SIMONIN roof structures are beautiful, functional and distinguished. Well suited to highly complex projects.

We’re not limited to the production of standard products and we manage the whole of a project whatever its complexity, size or geographical location.

We offer the following to the highest standards:

  • Engineering: design, calculation and drafts thanks to our in-house design office
  • Manufacturing with 4 high-tech CNC milling machines
  • Logistics

Key numbers

  • 20000 m² of buildings spread over 8 hectares
  • 115 people
  • An integrated design office
  • 4 CNC machining centers
  • 2 specialised finishing chainss
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