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Sapisol: The long span insulating panels, ready to install

Simonin has over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of timber components for construction. Sapisol®, a load bearing, insulating sandwich panel provides you with an efficient and long term insulation solution for your build.

It works both as an insulation board and as support for roofing; Sapisol® can be used with all types and shapes of roofs ensuring a perfect thermal insulation without thermal bridge. Its design also allows it to adapt to the thermal insulation of walls and floors offering as all round building solution.


Made of two timber faces and a polystyrene (or cork) core, Simonin’s insulated panel is made under European Technical Approval. The ceiling panel is available in different thicknesses and can be adapted to suit all types of projects, private, public and industrial. It offers a low-energy solution to your build.

Advantages of the Sapisol® insulated panel

Excellent thermal performance

Sapisol® is airtight and ensures efficient insulation of your home without any thermal bridges. It is made to the highest standards offering a long term level of thermal performance. When installed with a wood fibre under layer, it meets acoustic insulation regulations.

A timber soffit

With Sapisol, in one step you get: high-performance insulation, a wooden ceiling and completely finished roof overhangs, and a reliable and tough roofing support.

Wide spans

The huge benefit of Sapisol is that it can span distance (up to 6 m between supports) reducing the need for additional structure, saving build costs as well as freeing up volumes and creating additional living space.

Bespoke production

We can machine details and supply cut to length in our factory workshop for ease of installation, as well as reducing waste at the site.

A sound and sustainable product

Sapisol® is adaptable and suitable for all environments, sensitive and extremely sensitive, at all altitudes and latitudes.

Low energy

Sapisol® insulated panels allows you to reduce your energy costs.

Designed from durable and environmentally friendly materials, is a well-made and environmentally friendly solution.

The Simonin Sapisol® panels S186 (R = 5.02) and S220f (R = 6.11) is specially designed for low energy housing meet the thermal regulations.

For new or renovation

New or renovation: With the ceiling insulation board Sapisol®, the options for roofs is limitless (straight roof, low slope roof, curved roof, conical roof or slightly veiled, installation on metal framing) without compromise for thermal insulation of your home.

Sapisol® is a product not only intended for new constructions, its design allows it to adapt to all types of renovation such as the insulation of existing roof spaces.

Lightweight and easily transportable, it meets the needs of the most exciting projects and those in the most remote regions of the globe.

Exceptional works

Sapisol® has been used on several hundred public and private buildings, all around the world.

It has been used in specialist projects as well as bioclimatic houses, for 25 years Sapisol® has proved its performance and efficiency.

Technical advice :

  • AT cold roof 5/15-2443
  • AT warm roof 5.2/19-2649_VI

CTB quality certificate for Sapisol®

Species and finishes

The species

The aspects

The finishes


Concordia station in Antarctica

The Sapisol® insulation panel is suitable for all environments.
Sapisol was used in Antarctica for the Concordia station, at 3000m altitude.
The floor, the facades and the roof are made of Sapisol® providing comfortable insulation for residents.

  • Base cover type: wood panel
  • Exterior temperature max: -25 ° C
  • Exterior temperature mini: -80 ° C
  • Average temperature year: -55 ° C
  • Indoor base ambience, temperature: 18 to 20 ° C
  • Behavior of Sapisol®: During the construction and before commissioning of the building (for 2 years), the wood was subjected to the climatic and humidity conditions on site → no anomaly noted
  • The building was heated during the winter period for the first time in 2013 → no anomaly noted

Interview with Claire LE CALVEZ – Polar Logistics Department, Institut Polaire Français Paul Émile Victor (IPEV)

Remarkable comfort and wellbeing compared to the other constructions of the site. All users appreciate enormously (and builders too!)


Technical informations

Sapisol® with boards thickness 20 mm (Dwelling)

* Does not take into account superficial thermal resistances.

Sapisol® with boards thickness 27 mm (ERP avec B-s1, d0)

* Does not take into account superficial thermal resistances.

The measured thermal resistance is clearly greater than the result of the purely theoretical calculation. The Sapisol® process is without thermal bridging and settlement.



Off setting loads – Sapisol® with boards thickness 20 mm

Off setting loads – Sapisol® with boards thickness 27 mm

Maximum allowable range (m) in descending loads (coverage + normal snow according to NV65 – modified – February 2009)

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