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Simonin manufactured the French Pavilion – Expo’15

Imagined by the architecture agency X-TU of Paris, the French Pavilion, it was manufactured in our workshops, out of glued laminate timber (wood from Franche-Comté).

This was a major challenge: the brief was to manufacture a pre-fabricated that could be both assembled and disassembled with concealed joints. It was a complicated build with seismic calculations! The brief also asked for a 1 hour fire resistance for the structure as well as the flooring which was achieved by using our fireproof flooring DALFEU®.

The design included our RÉSIX® system, bonding in metal rods and connections overall there were more than 2000 curved and straight pieces, a total volume of 1500m3 of wood. All of which could be assembled in a very short time.

One of Simonin’s greatest moments. A groundbreaking design by our team that delivered what was required for an exceptional event…

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