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Country house in glued laminated timber oak with Résix® assemblies and NLP-Nelipan® roofing

Many thanks for the great challenge of Chris and Helena’s beautiful country house that we’ve been proud to prefabricate lately.

Our bespoke timber oak glulam came out as a natural key element well incorporated with the local stones dugged-out from the site. The Calderdale style imagined by the client got achieved with our concealed Resix® connection system that made this fine and contemporary interior design.

To gain construction time and quality on site, our NLP-Nelipan® prefabricated roof panel fitted perfectly and got assembled within couple of days.

All this achievement was only possible by working alongside with Chris and his team Mark Norcliffe from MCN construction and erected by Lee Naylor who have accomplished this challenge.

The steel structure was coordinated and prefabricated by James Dixon from Broadcliffe who help us throughout the entire design stage beside our timber detailer to get all this work together.

This has been a very satisfying and rewarding time working together and we wish to thank you for intrusting your life project with us.

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